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Have your child give you a hand and be a blogger!  Look over your student’s writer’s portfolio and saved Showcase folder.  Then try out a blog entry.  You can comment about your student’s work and attending the Showcase tonight, your own ideas too.

Tonight is about WRITING!

2011-2012 School Year

5th grade is drawing to a close.  You are almost 6th graders with Junior High closing in fast.  What do you think of your year?  Favorite projects? Favorite events?  How did it go?   and…  Your thoughts on NEXT year, 6th grade!

Spring Break!

You all did something!  Share one of your somethings with us.

Class book

Class read aloud-  What do you think so far?

Constructive comments, predictions, and connections welcome.

Literature Discussions

Blog about your current personal reading selection or you literature discussion group book.  Let us know what you think, make conections!


Write a letter to other blog users and recommend a good read or great author.

Persuade, inform and maybe entertain us with your ideas.

What’s a blog?  Web + log = blog.  It’s sharing your thoughts with others in a constructive way over time by posting messages on a website.  What do I blog about?  Share you thoughs and connections about the posts I provide for you.

Here are some topics that you may see this year:  books, what you’re learning (school and at home), and topics or themes that I/we introduce to the site.  Anything that involves educational topics!

I will review your blogs and if they are well written, thoughtful, or thought provoking I will put them on for others to view.  Others will see your blog and can reply by building off yours.  I will review their responses and put them on for you.  It’s a cross between journaling and chatting on-line in a safe environment; be appropriate, no email addresses and first names only, follow basic internet safety rules!

Please PROOFREAD your posts before submitting them!

Now it’s time to give it a try!  Our topic is your all time favorite book?  No movies.  Tell us what it is, who it’s by, and why you love it.